Learn AWS by Doing

I just stumbled upon this by going through he AWS documentation. I had no idea it even existed, while my preference is to create my own custom environments. This is of great value to follow a self-paced intro into many of the Amazon Cloud products. All the labs or quests I’ve seen are completely free and seem to be sponsored by Amazon itself. Quests are a collection of tutorials and hands-on-labs to follow. [Read More]

Terraform, Kubernetes and Public Clouds - Part 1 (AWS)

On July 8th I published an article testing some deployment times to get Kubernetes up and running on different public cloud providers. I used Terraform and a bash script to automate these deployments and test accurately. I received some requests to publish the code and a walkthrough. Here it is! Ask and you shall receive.. sometimes 😜 In the first part (this one) we’ll cover deploying to AWS. If you don’t know what AWS stands for today, well, it’s Awesome Webbing Spiders! [Read More]

How Much Time to Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster

I am testing different offerings from the three major cloud providers around their managed Kubernetes services. Amazon Web Services has EKS, Microsoft Azure has AKS and Google’s Cloud Platform has GKE. Google’s integration to their management console is leaps and bounds above the others. From seeing workloads specific to Kubernetes, such as virtual machine instances. Kubernetes workloads (Pods) and Services. From that, most of the services have similar offerings, tie-ins to AWS EBS for persistent storage or Microsoft’s integration with Azure files. [Read More]

How I Studied for AWS SA Associate Exam

I am a proud Cisco CCIE which took me years to achieve, this at one point was the cornerstone of most if not all IT certifications. It is still extremely valuable today, as all knowledge is, acquiring and the path to getting there at the end is where the value lies. So why a cloud certification then? Why AWS? The answer to the first question is simple enough. Being in the consulting area, four (4) out of five (5) conversations about data center, applications, networking, and any sort of IT technology involves cloud. [Read More]

AWS Fundamentals

Little disclaimer, this is not an introductory blog post or meant to be a guide. These are my notes, raw, and may continue to be updated. I have included video links to AWS re:Invent Videos. Though these are not the ones I used to study, I went through the pluralsight Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for Systems Administrators course as a basis. The intention is to work my way up to the Solutions Architect Professional certification. [Read More]