Service Mesh All the Things! - Istio, Kubernetes and AWS EKS - Part 1

Microservices, service mesh, service discovery, networking, security all inside containers and Kubernetes? What do all these things have in common? Just because something’s abstracted does not mean it isn’t complex. It just means the complexity is hidden (abstracted) from the user. When troubleshooting these things as operators need to do. It is essential to understand the concepts, just as one would with the basics of networking and security principles. [Read More]

AWS Fundamentals

Little disclaimer, this is not an introductory blog post or meant to be a guide. These are my notes, raw, and may continue to be updated. I have included video links to AWS re:Invent Videos. Though these are not the ones I used to study, I went through the pluralsight Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for Systems Administrators course as a basis. The intention is to work my way up to the Solutions Architect Professional certification. [Read More]